About the Designer

Belonging to Northeast India, Bhawika Bajaj, a fashion and textile designer, couturier and flourishing entrepreneur, started her eponymous label, Bhawika Bajaj, in 2022. She has always been inspired by mythology and sculpture. The passage of time and the change in the environment that cuddles a plethora of hazy stories, experiences, and inspirations have always moved here, as reflected in her work.

A graduate with a B.A. (Hons) in Fashion Design and Textile, from Lasalle College of Arts, Singapore, she got featured in many international fashion-centric magazines, including Vogue Singapore’s September Edition, 2021; for her inspiring collection "An Other Life." Moving forward, she creates art with the goal of promoting ethical fashion and opening doors for many talented artisans in her community.

About Brand

Our brand believes fashion to be an expression of one’s individuality. With a  vision to articulate a modern touch on traditional roots that we have left behind in the fast moving world, every single attire is throughly thought out and intricately made by local artisans who precisely understand the details and bring out the inspiration through their craftsmanship.

We value ethical sourcing and work majorly with handwoven fabrics with each piece being hand dyed, we like to take a mindful approach and keep the quality intact. Every piece of scrap fabric finds its way to innovation. We believe in upsycling by repurposing the use of even the tiniest piece of fabric. 

While designing our collection we visualize the strong and bold women in the society who are not afraid to pull anything off. We appreciate all body types, skin colors and races; therefore, extending our horizons to wherever you want to make style and comfort meet.